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Your trust and satisfaction drive our actions: everyday Total Jamaica is committed to deliver, to its customers, the highest service standards. Every year TotalEnergies trains over 600 front line staff, managers and pump attendants, to welcome you, advise you and provide you with high quality services.


Service and advice

Total Jamaica


Welcoming our customers: it is  our role to make a difference

Expertise: our teams are trained to welcome you in the best and most efficient way possible.

Trust: you pay for the exact amount of product delivered, not more, not less.

Each customer matters: we provide each customer with a personalized greeting and tailor our services to your needs. 

A complete range of products and services:  We aim to make TotalEnergies service stations a one stop shop by providing quality fuels and lubricants, pre-packaged and prepared foods as well as a range of other services. 

Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to provide free under-bonnet checks, tire gauge checks, window cleaning and Eco-advice

Quality and Safety

Total Jamaica


We are committed to deliver high quality and safety standards throughout our distribution process. We monitor each step of our supply chain regularly to ensure we provide you with quality products and heightened safety.

Fuel quality. At Total Jamaica, we have implemented strict procedures throughout our distribution process and conduct regular quality assurance to guarantee consistent world class Grade A products.

Lubricants quality. All our products are certified and delivered in sealed packages.

Controlling risks in service stations. At Total Jamaica, we work hard every day to guarantee the safety of our employees and customers, through expertise training (to handle risky situations), regular inspections and safety equipment installations (extinguishers, sand boxes).

Contact Us

Total Jamaica


Customer Support: [email protected]
Phone number: 1 876 978 9522 / 1 876 978 0256 / 1 876 927 7251
Main Line: 1 876 978 9146
Auxiliary Lines: 1 876 978 9522 / 1 876 978 0256 / 1 876 927 7251
Fax : 1 876 978 9146