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08/02/2021 News

The New and Safer TOTAL Haulage Fleet


Contributors: Shenese Hurd and Rayon Brown

Globally, the Total Group is committed to putting safety first and achieving this through constant innovation and adaptation. Guided by the rules of our Marketing Road Transport Improvement Plan (PATROM), we soon observed that the fleet of trucks used to transport our fuel products were no longer fully aligned with said guidelines. Over the last year a cross-functional team worked diligently with our transport partners to deliver a new and innovative fleet of trucks to the Jamaican Market.

The new fleet of trucks boasts a host of improvements and are all in conformance with our PATROM guidelines, a shift by Total Jamaica towards improved safety for all our stakeholders which guarantees increased efficiency as well. Amongst those improvements are two features that will immediately and positively impact our partners and employees.

Beyond its aesthetically pleasing exterior the new units come equipped with hydraulically lifted guardrails affixed across the full span of the tanker. This new feature represents a significant decrease in our risk for ‘works at height’ incidents, as well as increased comfort and usability of the harness for staff when on top of the tanker. In addition to increased safety, this renewal exercise will standardize the fleet’s appearance and operation. All fifteen units that will be introduced are outfitted with identical height, shape, and capacity per compartment. This will greatly improve our customers’ ability to incrementally order and will further enable our Customer Service and Transport teams to process and dispatch with more efficiency, ultimately improving our internal and external customer journey. 

On May 22, 2020, we had our maiden deliveries to TOTAL Heroes’ Circle and TOTAL Featherbed Lane. These deliveries were considered the official introduction of the units to the TOTAL Haulage fleet. They were executed smoothly and incident free in the presence of partners, operations & safety personnel, station staff, as well as our retail team.

This significant financial investment by the transporters in conjunction with Total Jamaica showcases a strengthened and deepened relationship and a commitment on our part to safely transport petroleum products on our roadways. Total Jamaica will continue to work with our partners, suppliers, and stakeholders to ensure that our customer experience is second to none and is fully aligned with global best practices.