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08/10/2020 News

TOTAL Dunbar's River Reopens

Total Jamaica

TOTAL Dunbar's River Reopens OTAL Dunbar’s River Service Station was closed to the public in August 2019 in line with its scheduled KDRB (knock down and rebuild). This would be the first major renovation the station would undergo, since donning the TOTAL brand, the first phase being the retrofitting of TAIR Standards. The dawn of May 11, 2020 brought with it the opening of a sleeker TOTAL Dunbar's River, helmed by Mrs. Vilma Noble-Taylor, TOTAL Dealermsince 2004.

Over the last 9 months, the station underwent a complete overhaul, the shops as well as the canopy were entirely removed and replaced with new, innovative, and efficient construction. Along with the modern and refreshed look, the station was designed to be more energy efficient with the installation of a new A/C system and photovoltaic system (solar powered system). This innovation is in alignment with the local solar/better energy initiative and will see the station reducing its carbon footprint as well as relying less on the national energy grid. The renovations were done to also improve the station staff experience with the installation of a new fuel system which allows all offloading in one area for greater ease in the process.

The Customer satisfaction promise is a major consideration in all projects and undertakings of the company. The renovation scope included an enhanced shop and canopy space, a layout which will ensure easier access for the customers to both the pump island and Café Bonjour products. In addition to improved access and shop space, the station will now offer for the first time all four TOTAL Fuel products: EXCELLIUM 90 and ULSD as well as ADVANCED 87 and ADO.

As the saying by Daniel Goleman goes ”positive work environments outperform negative ones”; and the newly renovated TOTAL Dunbar’s River site has positively enhanced the work environment for the team providing a clean, modern and comfortable workplace, a new feature which has also been noticed by the customers and has added an appeal to the location. One reviewer mentioned by name, the personalized service she received from Courtney, who was “courteous” and “kind”. She goes on to state “I must applaud the team…am loving the new look of the location.”

As a responsible energy major, TOTAL has continuously found ways to improve the modern and ambitious offer it provides to meet the needs of Dealers and customers. The new TOTAL Dunbar's River truly represents the commitment to continuous improvement and the best possible experience for the internal and external customer.