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01/09/2020 News

Solarization of Our Network

In 2016, Total MS announced its intent to become a major global player in renewables and its vision to solarize 5,000 service stations. From the onset, Jamaica was adjudged to be one of the countries with the best potential for return on investment in solarization due to associated climatic conditions and our high energy cost. The solar canopy and supporting systems installed at our Old Harbour Service Station is the first phase of the Solarization Project in Jamaica.

This initiative by Total aligns with the Government’s national energy policy to transition to 30 percent renewable energy by 2030. Total has yet again demonstrated its leadership in the energy sector with the deployment of this technology. Beyond the commercial benefits, our technical team members have enhanced their capacity for installation, operation and maintenance of solar PV systems, and their knowledge of the attendant health, environment, and safety aspects of power generation systems.

The Solarization initiative being undertaken by Total Jamaica is being done in phases, but by the end of the project over 70 service stations will be producing energy to complement the local utility. This translates to a saving of about half the energy demand or over US$20,000.00 per service station per annum and over US$1.5 million of avoided energy cost to the network and the country each year. Considering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the fossil fuels used for base load power generation in this country, this makes for an even more compelling reality.

We pride our participation in this global effort and embrace the opportunities presented for the development of our technical competencies, and the symbiotic relationships with professionals external to the Affiliate emerging from this project. Our external partners benefit from the knowledge gained from our service station and solarization standards, and we further gain from their knowledge and experience in alternate energy systems. Our Old Harbour System is a good pilot experience and forms the foundation for the others to follow. We are indeed quite pleased to be a part of this pioneering experience by TOTAL, trendsetters and leading advocates for a Total Energy Solution in the global space.