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Fast and efficient, roller washing offers you turnkey washing without making the slightest effort. Pre-wash, active foam, soft brushes, wheel wash, rim cleaner, chassis wash, polishing wax and drying… a whole program for a sparkling car!


Efficient and innovative programs

Our automatic washing rollers are equipped with soft brushes to remove fine films of dirt without leaving traces, while respecting the bodywork, wash after wash. Our soft brushes are cleaned after each passage of the vehicle to avoid micro-scratches.


All of our programs include a wheel wash as well as a shampoo wash.


For optimal washing, opt for a high-pressure pre-wash before spraying active foam on your entire vehicle. The latter is effective in removing dirt, even the most encrusted.


Keep your vehicle shiny longer by choosing the patented Lotus wax option, before drying. Its polish effect will preserve the paint on your car and protect your bodywork.